Player Transfer Policy

(Revised Oct 2012)

TRSA will make every attempt to place all registered players on TRSA teams. However, if the situation arises that there are too many players in an age group to form a single team, and not enough players to form two teams, the following policy will apply:

Attempts will be made to identify a team in the southwest zone that is willing to accept the extra TRSA players (the alternate team).
All players on the TRSA team will be notified of the situation and of the TRSA player transfer policy by email.
The email will ask for players that are willing to voluntarily move to the alternate team.
If no players, or too few players, volunteer to move, then players will be selected at random, in keeping with existing TRSA team formation policies.
Transferred players may apply for a refund if they choose not to play on the alternate team.

This policy will be posted prominently on the website. All parents will be advised of the policy at registration. A reference to this policy (and all other TRSA policies) will appear on the registration form. Parents will be requested to sign a statement that they have read and agree to follow this and other policies.